Numbers 19 and 20

Number 20. Jacket: Wet Seal, Cardigan: Target, Shirt: Loft, Jeans and boots: Target

I'm feeling slightly revitalized in the challenge, though I still haven't had time to reorganize my 30 pieces. That's on the agenda for tonight. Yes, it's a Saturday night and I have a date with my closet. Never mind that I have a free ticket to see the Black Lips. Priorities. And honestly once the temp drops below 60 degrees I'm pretty much a hermit. Just give me a space heater and some clothes to remix and I'll be happy.

I didn't forget day 19, I swear. I was just so turkey hungover that I didn't feel like an actual photo shoot. I did get Mr. PBR to take this so I could prove I wasn't cheating:

Number 19. Jacket: Ross, Belly Bulge: Sweet Potato Casserole, Everything else: Target.


  1. if i had gotten down onto the floor on thanksgiving day, i never would have gotten up. bonus points for that! :D

    also, the first photo is gorgeous. some of the trees match your cardigan almost perfectly

  2. I love that you used a cardigan as a shirt under the jacket. Great remix.

    The Auspicious Life

  3. A lot of bloggers are wearing mustard yellow, I always thought I hated yellow but now I want something in that color! These pics look great. Also love your hair! I think I am taking your picture to my Jair dresser-your bangs are perfect

  4. Thanks guys!

    Col- if I could paint my life mustard yellow I would!

  5. I love that the mustard in the jacket matches perfectly with that in the cardigan-- looks to put-together. This color palette is gorgeous.