Number 12

Cardigan: Target, Shirt: Loft, Jeans & Boots: Target
If this challenge has made me realize anything, it's that I love Target. I mean I really do. And why shouldn't I? They have cute stuff at reasonable prices and there's one within walking distance of my house, which is perfect for carless ol' me. I've had a couple of people ask me how I have such luck at Target; they never seem to find cute stuff there. I think mostly it just comes down to what you pair your Target finds with. For example, the cardigan and jeans I'm wearing today are cute, but they're pretty basic articles so they really needed to be paired with a shirt with a lot of character like this one from Loft. Also, a cardigan and jeans can look boyish without some sort of ruffles and lace (which is good sometimes, I love the tomboy look). A lot of it also depends on whether or not you wear the item as Target intended. The Tucker for Target dress that I wore yesterday came with a cloth belt, but I personally think that matching cloth belts can cheapen the look of an item. So sometimes it's best to switch out belts or other pieces or to wear a dress as a skirt (throw a sweater over it) or even as a shirt (tuck it into a skirt). Just use your imagination and save your money for a piece that'll pull together the Target basics into an amazing outfit.
Tell me what you love about Target. I'm always looking for more reasons to go. :)


  1. this sweater is my fav. and btw i read your blog everyday i just could figure out how to technologically "follow" you

  2. I loooove Target. If it's not the clothes and shoes, then it's the housewares, baby stuff, toys, makeup, stationary, um... pretty much everything. And I just signed up for the target red card... which is 5% off of EVERY purchase. How can you not love that? :)

  3. i love this cardi!!! (and your bangs!!!) so pretty

  4. How can ppl not LOVE Target? I love it, and agree with you that you pair things from Target w/other items from other stores to get that polished look that doesn't look cheap. Cute outfit!

  5. It is making me love Target, too. I had a whole outfit that was just Target. Oops.
    This cardigan is great and I love it with the button up!
    The Auspicious Life

  6. Wow, I love your style! Just catching up on your 30 for 30 picks :-)