Day 6

Blazer: Gap, Shirt: BCBG, Jeans: Target, Shoes: Target, Bike: Some guy on Craigslist

For the first time today, I noticed how pretty the leaves have gotten. This is absolutely my favorite time of year and it's really the perfect time to not have a car. These photos were taken on Atlanta's PATH- a great place for riding bikes and running due to the rolling hills. In my early 20s I lived in England and it was that country's rolling hills that made me first consider a permanently pedestrian lifestyle.

Tomorrow I'm going to spoil myself and buy a new camera. A really nice one. I know this technically breaks the no-shopping rule, but surely that only applies to clothing, right? I'm having consumerism cravings.

And guess what? My mom has discovered my blog. Hi Mommy!

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  1. Wow, that background is gorgeous!! And I love your blazer.