Number 3

Cardigan: Ann Taylor, Shirt: Loft, Skirt: New York & Co., Tights: Old Navy, Shoes: Target

It's hard to be a blogger during daylight savings! I have about 20 minutes after work to get my pictures and of course with no car I have to walk home some days. Today my pictures were taken on the way home and my running shoes may have found their way into one of them... ha.

So yesterday I was complaining about the lack of motor vehicles at my disposal. This morning my scooter miraculously started and my boyfriend took his truck to the shop. That's vehicular physics for you: every dead car has an equal live car. or something like that. All in all today was a MUCH better day. Hey Universe: if you're looking to even the score elsewhere- remember that time my camera was stolen? I'd like a Canon Rebel please. K thanks.

Someone call the fashion police: 1. cause I'm wearing these awful shoes with a cute outfit and 2. cause they weren't in my 30 items. Guilty as charged.


  1. Not cheating ... work-out gear doesn't count! And you're clearly burning some calories on the walk home. ;) Love the outfit.

  2. great outfit ... and the running shoes shouldn't be a penalty ;)