Number 22

Tshirt: Target, Dress/shirt: BCBG, scarf: ross, shoes & tights: Target

This outfit was so comfortable, which is always the most important thing on a day off. Of course it was freezing outside, so mostly I walked around in my big fluffy coat, even when I was indoors (painters came and all the windows had to be open to venitlate- I was hudled up under coat and blanket the whole time I was home).
I'm excited about "shopping" through my own clothes next week. The other day I was thinking, "why don't I own any black pants?" and then I remembered that I own several in fact, I had just forgotten about them because they aren't in my 30 items. I wonder how many other things I've been taking for granted. What do you miss most?


  1. This looks sooo cute and super comfy!!
    To tell you the truth I can hardly remember all of the other clothes I own (It's packed away from our move)...so I can't think of much I miss...but I can't wait to get it all back!

    Make sure you enter my handmade belt giveaway!

  2. this is my favorite outfit so far!

  3. Love the blue tights! I miss my shoe collection, and the color green (I didn't include any green items in my 30 for some reason).

  4. i miss some of my dresses - after this, i've gotten a few more ideas on how to punch them up

    also love the blue tights, and the gorgeous scenery around you.

  5. For some reason I couldn't post on outfit 23
    I really love that dress and the green tights .
    And cute lil' bird! I too have a thing with birds be it on jewelery or fabric prints.
    : )

    -Suzz ( La Fille D'Or)

  6. i love your hair! it frames your face to a t'. LOVE.