Number 13

Shirt/dress: Clothing swap, Belt: Marshall's, Pants: Old Navy, Boots: Target

This week has been one of the longest of my life! Between working two jobs, being a solo dog owner while Mr. PBR was out of town and keeping up with a blog, I've barely had time to sleep. I was literally chasing the sunlight in these pictures today (notice the shadow? It followed me to every new spot I picked). Fortunately, I have the next 6 days completely off work. All I have to do is clean a house, bathe a dog, cook my first Thanksgiving dinner... hmm... maybe work would be easier after all.

This shirt (or dress) is one of my favorite clothing swap finds. Every so often a group of my girl friends gets together and we throw all of our unwanted clothing into a big heap in the middle of someone's living room and go crazy digging through it. Professional swappers might object to the chaos and the fairness (someone who brings all crap could conceivably wind up with the best stuff), but we're not all that serious about it. It's more about the gathering and the process than what you leave with- or at least that's how I feel.

In other news, we got a 25 pound turkey for $12. Mispriced? Expired? We'll find out soon enough!


  1. Good luck with the turkey! (Am drooling over that belt.)

  2. I just made my Thanksgiving a potluck...my roomie and I made Turkey and Tofurky, everyone else brought sides & desserts. Loving your outfits!

  3. Which clothing swap did you get that from?!