13 going on 30

Guys, help me out.  My computer won't let me leave comments for my fellow bloggers... it just keeps sending me back to the google login page.  What am I doing wrong?  I need to share some love!


day to date

As promised, here is the Tucker for Target dress styled forward (yesterday I wore it backwards and no I did not wash it).  I think this is probably my only piece that can reasonably be worn both ways, but this definitely factored into why I bought it. 

This is probably my favorite date night piece right now.  It's so easy, comfortable and can be styled so many different ways (though this way is my favorite).  And the detail in the back is such a nice plus.

My husband was sweet enough to take these pictures for me today.  But then, I was sweet enough to marry him, so I guess we're even.



So I have two secrets for you today.  1. This shirt is actually a dress, but it is a dress that is too short for work, hence the jeans.  2. This shirt that is actually a dress is on backwards.  The other side is simple and has a higher neck.  I like wearing it either way and I'm sure I'll be wearing it forward soon on here. 
In other news, tgif.  This week has been hell.


improper mixing

A younger version of me would never have thought to pair a black skirt, brown belt and a dark blue top together.  But somehow it works.  I think what's more important about these pieces is their shape.

I bought some mousse today for my hair.  So hopefully my days of frizz are behind me.  I'd go into more detail about my hair, cause I'm sure that's what you're dying to read, but I'm off for a run.  Can you believe that we're a third of the way through this challenge!  Where does the time go?



Today was good.  Really good.  Except it rained and my wavy hair turned into a ball of fluff.  Oh and I ate way too much at the Farmer's Market and feel like I might explode.  Otherwise, things are perfect.


Florence and the Hair Machine.

My hair today is inspired by Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine).  Yesterday, I was reading an article on her in Nylon and her hair was just so freaking cute that I had to copy it.   I spent probably about 1/10th of the amount of time on my hair as was spent on hers, so that it's probably only 1/10th as cute.  Hair is like most things-- you get what you put into it.  I just washed it and braided it in about 6 sections before i went to sleep and woke up looking like a french poodle.  By this afternoon it had calmed down to the way you see it above.  Next time the braids will be looser...

Speaking of Florence and the Machine, I've been trying to calculate the unfair odds today of how someone so talented is also so cute.  Sometimes I think the gene pool is seriously stacked. 

See today's photo outtake below.  I swear I'm not drunk. 

This is why I don't do flash. 


A Sunday Kind of Love

Happy Father's day everyone (though I doubt there are fathers reading my blog... and if there are I question their intentions).  My husband and I spent the morning with my stepdad- making him breakfast and watching a movie together.  And this evening we're going to my bff's housewarming party.  So far it's been a nice Sunday. 

I've noticed that summer is a hard time for this 30 for 30 thing.  I changed clothes a total of 3 times yesterday (and I'm already on outfit #2 for today), all within my 30 items of course, but I only documented one of those outfits.  Summer time just brings so much sweat and you just do more things and go more places than the rest of the year.  And you can't wear the same outfit to a yard sale or a picnic as you do to go out to a bar later that night.  I guess we'll just see what the next 23 days bring (other than 90 outfits out of 30 items of clothing). 


dots and flowers

this shirt has dots. this skirt has flowers.  You know, you'd think that having a fancy camera would eliminate the need for me to tell you such things, but no amount of pictures could capture both these details.  I need a professional photographer.  


Nobody's Perfect

So, I might've woken up 5 minutes after I was supposed to be at work today.  And I might've forgotten to put on deodorant and brush my hair.  But that's okay, everyone makes mistakes.  And fortunately so or else I probably wouldn't have found this dress at T.J.Max for 30 bucks.  Maybe the fabric was cut crookedly (the stripes do seem a little off) or the skirt was cut too short.  But thankfully, their mistake was my good luck.   Just remember the next time you screw something up- someone else could be benefiting.  It's justifiable. 


Tired eyes

shirt: Target, skirt: Loft, shoes: Target

I've been trying a new thing with my blog this go round.  Instead of taking my pictures at the end of my work day when my clothes are wrinkled and my hair is limp, I've been taking them first thing in the morning.  So if you've been thinking that I look really tired recently, you're correct.  These are pre-coffee pictures, people.  I'm surprised I can even operate a camera. 

Today my shoe broke.  I'm beginning to think there is some sort of pattern at play... during the first week of my last 30 for 30, my boot broke.  So I may be switching out these brown shoes for a similar pair if I can't find a way to fix the strap.  I'm not cheating, I swear.  Clearly, I just love my shoes to death.  This is actually the third pair of these that I've owned (and now the third pair that has broken).  I don't think I'll be lucky enough to find the same pair again... (the first were on clearance at Target, the second pair was given to me by a friend who bought hers also on clearance and then never wore them, the third pair was new on the rack at goodwill 2 years later, so surely my luck has run out).  If you see a pair of these in an 8.5, 9 or 9.5, please buy them.  I will reimburse you.


It's a Joy to be Simple/#3

shirt(dress): Forever21, skirt: Nordstrom Rack, shoes: mia, necklace: Ann Taylor

What do you get when you pair a really short dress with a really long skirt?  An outfit that could easily go from work to date night if I had a date night planned.  Instead of a date night, I have a group run planned for later.  Now a dress and skirt that could change from work to workout would be great, but I'm not sure my running shoes would really go with this...

I classify this skirt as "puritan" length due to the fact that whenever my husband sees me wearing it he mockingly sings church hymns.  His favorite is "it's a joy to be simple."  It really is a joy.


Everybody, Everywear: Lace

shirt: Ellen Tracy (Marshall's), skirt: J.Crew Outlet, shoes: Target

This month's pick by the girls behind Everybody, Everywear is lace.  I had forgotten this when picking out my 30 for 30 items, but fortunately I had this shirt which fits the bill.  I guess that proves how common lace has become in clothing.  

I'm in love with this skirt.  I went to the J.Crew outlet over Memorial Day weekend and everything was a minimum of 40 percent off.  Amazing. 

I'm back

So I took a really really long blogging break, but Kendi's Summer 30 for 30 had motivated me to get back on here and give it another go.  Join me as I mix and match 30 pieces over the next 30 days.  It'll be hard as I mostly just like to wear t-shirts and shorts when I'm not at work.  Hopefully the pieces I picked will prove to be versatile and cool enough to endure the heat. 

Summer 30 for 30

Here are the picks.  I will also be including a blazer that is hanging out in my office right now and is, therefore, not included below.