3 ways to lace it up

I'm sure you've all seen that sheer lace top that almost every clothing store is selling.  And, if you're like me, you've given in to the trend, purchased it and now regretfully stare at it hanging in your closet.  Mr. Pbr pulled it out of my unwearables a couple of days ago.  "Some stripper called.  She wants her shirt back."  I was determined to make it work, if only so he couldn't claim victory (so far I'm undefeated).  And I wanted to prove to myself that I could wear it in more than one way.

Working girl: (no, not that kind of working girl)

Weekend chic:

Little Black Dress update:

 The most important thing I learned about the lace shirt is that you have to treat it as an accessory.  Layer it under or over a piece in an outfit that already works to give it a new twist.  It won't work with every one you try, but keep at it.  Eventually you'll find a winner and then you can prove your boyfriend wrong... or have a great outfit, depending on your motivation.

I can't wait to start taking my pictures outside again and if it ever stops raining, snowing, freezing etc, I'll be doing just that.  Each of these pictures has 2 of my favorite Christmas presents in it- a lovely piece of art by my most talented friend Heather (it's the one in the white frame on the desk) and my camera remote control that I haven't learned how to hide.  I'll get there.  Or you'll learn to love it.



So, I realize I've never mentioned this on my blog before, but Mr. PBR and I got engaged back in July (on my birthday).  The wedding is in April and my plans are slowly starting to come together.  We finally got the save the dates out a few weeks back (and a few months late), we've paid for the venue and I've collected about a million teacups and saucers.  Tonight my mom bought me invitations that I insisted were too expensive (bless her) and I've actually started to work on one of a million diy projects. 

(this is what a million teacups look like)

my invites

my 1st of many diy projects

our rings

 Anyway, it's safe to say that the this stuff is getting to me.  I started out the whole process really anti-wedding and I still understand why I felt/feel that way.  The amount most people spend on them is sickening and I don't want to be one of those brides.  Our budget is $2,000 which is pretty unreasonable considering my mom just laid down 15% of that on invitations alone.  But I'm still going to try to stick to my guns and win the battle against the wedding industry.


Double-edged blog post

 tunic: Target

The purpose of today's post is 2 fold.  First of all, this is the weekly Bean picked item from my "unwearables."  It's actually something I do wear on occasion, but I've always had a hard time styling it with anything but skinny jeans and flats.  Between the sheerness of the fabric, the business of the print, and the tunic-length (not a shirt, but not a dress) it sort of has a lot going on with it already, so I've always taken the simple and easy way out.

The second reason for this post is to help a friend in reassessing her closet.  As I was helping one of my best friends pick out an outfit for New Year's Eve, she revealed to me that most of her clothes are dedicated for either work OR play and she has a hard time breaking a piece out of its defined category.  This tunic is actually something we both own (in different patterns), so I thought I'd use this post to illustrate how one piece can be worn for different occasions.

vest: Old Navy, pants: h&m, shoes: target

For work.  (this is actually how I will wear this piece tomorrow).
Pair something loose and flowy with tailored/structured pieces to add seriousness to an outfit.  I chose a vest and wide leg trousers, but a blazer could work too.  A high heel will help keep pants from looking frumpy.  For accessories, keep it simple.  

Leggings: f21, shoes and clutch: target

For a date or party.  Wear a tunic with leggings to give it the look of a short and sexy dress.  Heels will help elongate and slim your legs (and you can wear the same ones from work if you're going out straight after.  Leggings are easy to carry in a purse to change into as well).  Pick fun accessories:  A long string of costumy pearls, a bunch of bangles or some big earrings.  

 tshirt and boots: urban outfitters, pants: old navy, scarf: self made, bag: target

Weekend: comfort is key, but this is also the best time to experiment with colors and styles.  Mix patterns and wear things in ways you normally wouldn't to find new looks for items in your closet that need refreshing.  This outfit just sort of fell together based on what I was already wearing when I was making it, but I love it and will most likely wear it again.

I hope everyone is having a great 2011 so far.  What are some of your wardrobe resolutions?