Goodbye, sailor.

I'm a sucker for a vintage dress at a thrift store.  The hard part is that my style isn't really that of a vintage dress wearing girl.  I buy lots of them with high hopes and thoughts of alterations and then never get around to doing it.  Well today Bean picked yet another vintage dress for me to style and while I like what I ended up with it took me a long time to get there.  The neckline of this dress didn't look right with anything I own (and believe me, I'm pretty sure I tried every top/jacket in my wardrobe) AND I felt like it was constantly choking me at work today.  So guess what?  It's out. I feel like the one time of wearing is worth the $2 I probably paid for it. But here's it's 15 minutes of fame:

dress: thrifted, blazer: Gap, tights: Target, shoes: Ralph Lauren (via Ross)


someday is today #1

Dress: Vintage, Jacket: Wet Seal, Shoes: Target

An old friend visited me at work today so I slacked off and put everything off until after he left.  I therefore didn't get home until the sun had completely set and was forced to take my pictures in this same old corner that I'm getting pretty sick of.  I can't wait for spring (and can't believe it's only now the first day of winter).  Did anyone catch the lunar eclipse last night?  Sadly, I did not. 

I realize that this is only the first (real) day of this new wardrobe challenge, but I've already managed to get rid of so much old clothing.  While sorting my closet out, the items that were formerly unwearable went through a lot of scrutiny.  The number one question with each piece was "would I want to put a picture of myself wearing this right now on the internet for everyone in the world to see?"  There were a surprising amount of "nos" and they immediately went to a discard pile.  It really brought "someday" to the front of my mind and made me think of what I had to make the pieces work now and not later.  Not knowing what Bean would pick for me to wear put the fear into me that I would be forced to wear something I didn't like and couldn't style well.  So I guess that makes the challenge a success so far?

 Is everyone ready for Christmas?  I'm not in the spirit yet, even though I've decorated my house, wrapped my presents and eaten about 10 pounds worth of Christmas goodies.  But I'm shaking the presents anyway.



 This almost feels like cheating.  Here is the first item, picked by Bean, for my new challenge "Someday is Today."  This made it to the "someday" side of the closet because I haven't yet worn it and I've owned it for a few months now.  That being said, it's probably one of the most wearable pieces in the bunch.  Bean of course picked it because of it's boldness and the fact that he thinks it looks like a halloween costume.  It practically jumped out at him.  So we're starting off the challenge with an easy one for him and an easy one for me.

I'll be wearing this to work on Tuesday and posting a follow-up that night.  Be sure to check back to see how it ends up.  But I'm pretty sure it's a keeper.  :)


A new challenge?

 Dress: Gap, Tights: Hue, Boots: Gift

It has officially gotten too cold to take outfit pictures outside.  Today it was sleeting when I got off work and Mr. pbr was nice enough to pick me up.  We were sliding all over the road; it was pretty scary.

I think I might be ready to start another wardrobe challenge, but probably not a 30 for 30.  Introducing:

No, that isn't one of those slogans like "no fear" or "wwjd."  Instead it's a new challenge I'm daring myself to do.  This weekend I will divide my closet into two sections- stuff I wear and stuff I keep for "someday" (who else is guilty of this?).  I will of course exclude clothing that is too large or too small- those will go into storage for fatter and skinnier times (i'm sure I'm not alone here, either).  Then once a week, I will let Bean pick one item from the "someday" section and I will have to make it work in an outfit.  And if I can't, I'll throw it out (gasp).  Bean and I actually just shook on this deal, I think he's hoping for extra closet space.  We'll see.

Oh and here's what happens in my house when you try to take pictures of yourself: you get bombarded by animals.


Long weekend blogging break

Sorry I haven't posted since Thursday, but it's been a long and busy weekend.  Mr. Pbr and I went to Athens, Georgia for my baby cousin's wedding and I've attended 2 Christmas parties and gone to about 30 different bars.  I also decorated my Christmas tree and put my dog in two different sweaters.  But don't worry- I have pictures to recap.

Congratulations Melissa and Alan!

Wedding outfit: dress: Ross, boots: Urban Outfitters, necklace: flirt fashions in Athens

me and bean (aka, mr.pbr- a rare moment when he isn't wearing a pbr shirt)

 bean and zissue (in sweater #1)
 gathering xmas ornaments
 a new ornament from my dad
 i had a bird themed tree this year
I let bean put one pbr ornament on the tree
 jacket: wet seal, shirt: target, skirt and belt: loft, boots: urban outfitters.
 Zissue outfit #2 (with our friend Laura)

Incidentally, all of my dog's clothes are from Target.  We have very similar taste.
 I hope everyone else had a fun weekend!  Are you other 30 for 30ers done yet?  I'm having a hard time with leaving some of my 30 items behind.  They were so much easier!


30 for 30 recap

*note: these are not in order.
What I've learned in this challenge:
- you don't have to have a massive wardrobe to look like you do.
- having a smaller wardrobe makes it a lot easier and less time consuming to get dressed in the morning.
- hogging the computer and asking lots of questions about photoshop makes boys mad.
- self-photography is hard.
It was really hard for me to go back to a full closet today.  I felt overwhelmed by the number of choices and combinations I could make and I didn't remember how certain things fit/looked.  But I eventually managed to get dressed and out the door. 

See, there I am.  Right outside of the door.
Shirt: Tucker for Target, dress: Nine West, Shoes: yard sale


Number 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dress (worn as cardi): swapped, shirt: Loft, skirt: Ny&Co, shoes: target

Is it obvious I'm a multi-tasker?  Grocery shopping- check.  Blog pictures- check.  These pictures were difficult because we were trying not to be too obvious about it.  We used an iphone and onlookers probably thought Mr.Pbr was texting while I was examining every bump of every cantaloupe, obsessively looking for the perfect one.  Little did they know that I didn't even buy a cantaloupe.  Aren't we sneaky?  

Did you know they make PBR light?  I did, but of course I would, being almost married to the brand.  But most people don't realize it exists.  So there you go, an outfit and some useless (unless you're Mr.Pbr's boss) information... always multi-tasking.

And I almost forgot.  DAY 30!!!  I made it (more or less)!  Look for a recap of all my outfits soon and some clothes you've never seen before.  I'm going shopping in my own closet tomorrow.


Number 29

Jacket: Ross, cardigan (worn as shirt): Ann Taylor, jeans and boots: Target, necklace: Ann Taylor

One day. And it's as if the shopping gods know that in one day I will return to consumerism, because I received my Lucky magazine and a Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail today.  They're just waiting for me.  Is there anything on your list that you want to rush right out and buy tomorrow (or whenever you finish the challenge)?  Or has this whole challenge tamed your shopping desires?  I've been internet browsing and there isn't really anything I feel like I have to get.  Hopefully that means I'll be a smarter shopper from now on, but we'll see. 

I want to know about everyone elses shopping habits.  When you want something do you just buy it on impulse or do you have steps to ensure it's a practical purchase?  Do you go through a mental list of your closet to see how many outfits you can make with a new item or do you just wait till you get said item home to figure that out?  I'm looking to you to help me refine my shopping skills. 


Numbers 27 and 28

Jacket: Wet Seal, shirt: BCBG, pants: Old Navy, scarf: gift, boots: Target

I've had a pretty nice day today.  I woke up early and ran a 5K, went antiquing and to the farmer's market with my mom and am about to go meet a friend for wine.  I hope your weekend has been just as enjoyable!  It's so windy here right now that my tri-pod actually got knocked over during this shoot.  I'm praying that my camera is okay; it seems to be so far.  Remember a while back when I said that running makes me feel instantly prettier?  I'm feeling it again today.  Every day I don't run I feel like every picture is terrible, but today I didn't want to pick just a handful.  To help prove my point, I only have two decent pictures from yesterday. 

T-shirt: target, shirt (white): Loft, skirt: Gap, scarf: thrifted, tights and shoes: target