Long weekend blogging break

Sorry I haven't posted since Thursday, but it's been a long and busy weekend.  Mr. Pbr and I went to Athens, Georgia for my baby cousin's wedding and I've attended 2 Christmas parties and gone to about 30 different bars.  I also decorated my Christmas tree and put my dog in two different sweaters.  But don't worry- I have pictures to recap.

Congratulations Melissa and Alan!

Wedding outfit: dress: Ross, boots: Urban Outfitters, necklace: flirt fashions in Athens

me and bean (aka, mr.pbr- a rare moment when he isn't wearing a pbr shirt)

 bean and zissue (in sweater #1)
 gathering xmas ornaments
 a new ornament from my dad
 i had a bird themed tree this year
I let bean put one pbr ornament on the tree
 jacket: wet seal, shirt: target, skirt and belt: loft, boots: urban outfitters.
 Zissue outfit #2 (with our friend Laura)

Incidentally, all of my dog's clothes are from Target.  We have very similar taste.
 I hope everyone else had a fun weekend!  Are you other 30 for 30ers done yet?  I'm having a hard time with leaving some of my 30 items behind.  They were so much easier!


  1. Hello! I found your blog via Wardrobe Remix (I've been lurking there for years) and I just had to comment and say hi. I LOVE what you wore for the wedding: the dress, the boots - such a sleek look!

  2. Thanks! I'm a wardrobe remix lurker myself. :)

  3. That black dress with the white design is amazing! And your black sequins skirt!! Really cute blog :):):)

  4. I heart your dress from the wedding.