Numbers 27 and 28

Jacket: Wet Seal, shirt: BCBG, pants: Old Navy, scarf: gift, boots: Target

I've had a pretty nice day today.  I woke up early and ran a 5K, went antiquing and to the farmer's market with my mom and am about to go meet a friend for wine.  I hope your weekend has been just as enjoyable!  It's so windy here right now that my tri-pod actually got knocked over during this shoot.  I'm praying that my camera is okay; it seems to be so far.  Remember a while back when I said that running makes me feel instantly prettier?  I'm feeling it again today.  Every day I don't run I feel like every picture is terrible, but today I didn't want to pick just a handful.  To help prove my point, I only have two decent pictures from yesterday. 

T-shirt: target, shirt (white): Loft, skirt: Gap, scarf: thrifted, tights and shoes: target

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