Number 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dress (worn as cardi): swapped, shirt: Loft, skirt: Ny&Co, shoes: target

Is it obvious I'm a multi-tasker?  Grocery shopping- check.  Blog pictures- check.  These pictures were difficult because we were trying not to be too obvious about it.  We used an iphone and onlookers probably thought Mr.Pbr was texting while I was examining every bump of every cantaloupe, obsessively looking for the perfect one.  Little did they know that I didn't even buy a cantaloupe.  Aren't we sneaky?  

Did you know they make PBR light?  I did, but of course I would, being almost married to the brand.  But most people don't realize it exists.  So there you go, an outfit and some useless (unless you're Mr.Pbr's boss) information... always multi-tasking.

And I almost forgot.  DAY 30!!!  I made it (more or less)!  Look for a recap of all my outfits soon and some clothes you've never seen before.  I'm going shopping in my own closet tomorrow.


  1. What a cowkinkidink, I'm having a refreshing PBR as I read this.

  2. Anonymous12/07/2010

    I actually like PBR light, its hard to find but I love it.

  3. hooray! congrats for making it! love the pattern in the cardi-dress, and i'm all sorts of hungry for avocados now ... mmmm *homer drool*

  4. I like this outfit :) I like how the sweater/dress is practically as long as the skirt. cute.

  5. Nice pictures! Who would think kroger would be a good place?! I still think you should have worn all the clothes on thelast day though!

  6. Congrats! Great sweater.
    PBR light? I used to live in LA where we had 99 Cents Stores and they would sell two cans of PBR for $0.99. What a deal! :)