Number 24

Tshirt: Target, shirt (blue): Loft, skirt & shoes: Target, tights: H&M

It appears to have become winter over night.  The trees are bare, it's 40 degrees and I'm outside in a t-shirt.  How did this happen?  Honestly, I must be crazy.  I stepped out of my jacket for about 5 minutes to take these pictures and here it is almost 2 hours later and I can still hardly feel my hands.  That's blog dedication right there.  So why aren't you a follower yet, dear reader?  I'm freezing for you.

Mr. pbr is out of town, again.  This is seriously like the 3rd time in a month and I hate how he calls me from Miami to rub it in that it's in the 70s today.  Do you hear that, Bean?  Save it for someone who cares.  Like someone else in Miami, or someone somewhere even warmer who can scoff at your 70 degrees.  I don't want to hear about it.  Ooh, but make sure you bring me back a t-shirt.  And some candy, cause you know I like to collect candy from other cities.  In my belly.

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  1. great location - and cute outfit - even if it was um, not warm enough for the weather. It did get cold fast - even here in CA it went from 70 to 50 almost overnight.