A new challenge?

 Dress: Gap, Tights: Hue, Boots: Gift

It has officially gotten too cold to take outfit pictures outside.  Today it was sleeting when I got off work and Mr. pbr was nice enough to pick me up.  We were sliding all over the road; it was pretty scary.

I think I might be ready to start another wardrobe challenge, but probably not a 30 for 30.  Introducing:

No, that isn't one of those slogans like "no fear" or "wwjd."  Instead it's a new challenge I'm daring myself to do.  This weekend I will divide my closet into two sections- stuff I wear and stuff I keep for "someday" (who else is guilty of this?).  I will of course exclude clothing that is too large or too small- those will go into storage for fatter and skinnier times (i'm sure I'm not alone here, either).  Then once a week, I will let Bean pick one item from the "someday" section and I will have to make it work in an outfit.  And if I can't, I'll throw it out (gasp).  Bean and I actually just shook on this deal, I think he's hoping for extra closet space.  We'll see.

Oh and here's what happens in my house when you try to take pictures of yourself: you get bombarded by animals.


  1. Hmmm...I like this new challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing what some of your "someday" pieces look like. Maybe I should come up with a challenge like this for myself. Lord knows I have too many "Saturday night" outfits that need to start learning how to make due with a "Wednesday afternoon" lifestyle.
    And it's very brave of you to let your guy pick the pieces!

  2. I really love this idea of "Someday is Today." I always catch myself thinking, "If only..." when I look at some of the pieces in my wardrobe; if only I had the right legs for that skirt, or a different kind of top, or there's always something. So it goes into a mental wardrobe as a "Someday when I have these things to make it work" piece. Your new movement is inspirational--I might just muster up the courage to try it myself... Someday. :]

  3. What a great idea!! So true, there are too many things I think I miiight wear someday and never do :) Also I really dig your red tights w/the grey - gotta try that!

  4. That challenge is genius. I should totally do it too, but I'm so scared! Throwing things away if I can't incorporate into my closet? I don't think i could do it :(

  5. LOVE this challenge! I have far too many someday pieces. I have a hard time of letting clothes go when they have past memories behind them. :)

    Also.... I'm so in love with your bangs!