Numbers 25 and 26


Cardigan: Old Navy, shirt: Target, Skirt: Victoria's Secret (via Goodwill), belt: Gap, shoes: Target, necklace: gift

This is my favorite outfit so far of the challenge.  I really like how these stripes look together.  When I was younger I really wanted to attend private schools and wear pleated skirts and cardigans; I guess I've carried that desire with me into my adulthood.  I love blazers and pleats and, of course, navy blue. 

This bird necklace was a gift from my dearest friend in England.  Isn't it lovely?  I wish I had thought of this earlier in the challenge, but it would've been neat to try to wear a different bird necklace every day.  I bet I could've come close.

I can't believe I only have 4 days left.  This month has really seemed to fly by and suprisingly, I'm not entirely sick of any of the 30 items. 

Here is yesterday's outfit:

Shirt: Jones New York (gift from mom), skirt: Gap, belt: Marshalls, shoes: Target

And guess what?? I've now worn every item of the 30 at least once.  I included this shirt thinking I'd need work appropriate pieces, but not really considering I don't really ever wear it (sorry, Mom).  I feel especially bad, because the only reason my mom gave this to me is because I asked for it (straight from her closet).  I'll be returning it shortly.  Isn't my mom the sweetest?


  1. I love the sweet stripe on stripe action of your first outfit. And of course I'm a sucker for yellow.

  2. Anonymous12/04/2010

    Yellow is my Fav color. I will have to find a t-shirt and some cute stuff for her after her 30 days are up. . .we will have to celebrate.


  3. I never would have thought to do stripes on stripes, but it is a really nice look!

    The Auspicious Life

  4. I LOVE that necklace. It's so pretty!

    You have enough bird necklaces to wear a different one every day? JEALOUS! :)