someday is today #1

Dress: Vintage, Jacket: Wet Seal, Shoes: Target

An old friend visited me at work today so I slacked off and put everything off until after he left.  I therefore didn't get home until the sun had completely set and was forced to take my pictures in this same old corner that I'm getting pretty sick of.  I can't wait for spring (and can't believe it's only now the first day of winter).  Did anyone catch the lunar eclipse last night?  Sadly, I did not. 

I realize that this is only the first (real) day of this new wardrobe challenge, but I've already managed to get rid of so much old clothing.  While sorting my closet out, the items that were formerly unwearable went through a lot of scrutiny.  The number one question with each piece was "would I want to put a picture of myself wearing this right now on the internet for everyone in the world to see?"  There were a surprising amount of "nos" and they immediately went to a discard pile.  It really brought "someday" to the front of my mind and made me think of what I had to make the pieces work now and not later.  Not knowing what Bean would pick for me to wear put the fear into me that I would be forced to wear something I didn't like and couldn't style well.  So I guess that makes the challenge a success so far?

 Is everyone ready for Christmas?  I'm not in the spirit yet, even though I've decorated my house, wrapped my presents and eaten about 10 pounds worth of Christmas goodies.  But I'm shaking the presents anyway.


  1. Just thought I'd let you know I included you in my 30 for 30 list of blogs I followed.

    Through the Complex Eyes of Bee

  2. I just scrolled down to see what this challenge was. I LOVE the idea behind it! This is a great dress and looks perfect belted. I will be checking back to follow you on this challenge for sure!

    The Auspicious Life

  3. You showed him!
    Thinking maybe I should start a blog following your idea...only subbing clothes for vegetables!