So, I realize I've never mentioned this on my blog before, but Mr. PBR and I got engaged back in July (on my birthday).  The wedding is in April and my plans are slowly starting to come together.  We finally got the save the dates out a few weeks back (and a few months late), we've paid for the venue and I've collected about a million teacups and saucers.  Tonight my mom bought me invitations that I insisted were too expensive (bless her) and I've actually started to work on one of a million diy projects. 

(this is what a million teacups look like)

my invites

my 1st of many diy projects

our rings

 Anyway, it's safe to say that the this stuff is getting to me.  I started out the whole process really anti-wedding and I still understand why I felt/feel that way.  The amount most people spend on them is sickening and I don't want to be one of those brides.  Our budget is $2,000 which is pretty unreasonable considering my mom just laid down 15% of that on invitations alone.  But I'm still going to try to stick to my guns and win the battle against the wedding industry.


  1. Congratulations and good luck! It's hard to stick to a budget (with anything for me!) and weddings seem to suck money right out of your pocket. But I completely agree that the amount of money spent on weddings is just crazy---and that industry markets itself to make brides feel like it's normal and reasonable to spend what would be the down payment on a house on dinner for 200 people she hardly knows! I'm looking forward to seeing how you style up your wedding on a budget. The tea cups and invites already look so cool.

  2. I'm in a similar boat with you. My sister just got engaged and it will be a wedding on a budget and like you not a $10,000 plus wedding. Something cheaper. We looked at 3 venues today. She was wanting a wedding in this amazing garden. I haven't seen it yet but after seeing our venues I'm up for something nice and simple :) I love beautiful things but I'm starting to understand the cost and the work!!

    My sis is gettin' married May, June or July I think :) We hope to nail down a date and venue soon! I'm the maid of honor. But she's got a good handle on it at this point! God bless ya'll as you plan and everything! It's an exciting time!

  3. Hi Elisabeth,
    I'm new to blogging and am trying to send this comment out to you as a test. Last evening I sent you a comment and didn't see it show up so I'm going to try again. First... Congratulations and good luck with the budget (I hate this word). Secondly.... I wanted to introduce myself. I work with Bean's cousin, Katy and live in Orlando. Katy shared an email that Bean had sent to her and I absolutely LOVED your blog and wanted to follow it. Your blog also got me thinking I wanted to do something like it and started one myself based on my new years resolution. So... here I am and thanks for the inspiration! I'd love to have you join my blog and send a comment when you can. It's my way of being accountable and sticking to the plan by knowing people are watching....lol Happy New Year to you and thanks for offering such great information.

  4. Anonymous2/02/2011

    Congratulations!! I love your invitations too. I also got married on a very modest budget. My parents contributed $2,000 and my husband's parents contributed $500 and we were blessed with our wedding reception being paid by an uncle (although we only spent $2500 on that as well) - so a total of $5000. I am not sure how many people are attending - we had 200, but it is doable to stick to a budget. I love your teacups too!! Best of luck.