Florence and the Hair Machine.

My hair today is inspired by Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine).  Yesterday, I was reading an article on her in Nylon and her hair was just so freaking cute that I had to copy it.   I spent probably about 1/10th of the amount of time on my hair as was spent on hers, so that it's probably only 1/10th as cute.  Hair is like most things-- you get what you put into it.  I just washed it and braided it in about 6 sections before i went to sleep and woke up looking like a french poodle.  By this afternoon it had calmed down to the way you see it above.  Next time the braids will be looser...

Speaking of Florence and the Machine, I've been trying to calculate the unfair odds today of how someone so talented is also so cute.  Sometimes I think the gene pool is seriously stacked. 

See today's photo outtake below.  I swear I'm not drunk. 

This is why I don't do flash. 


  1. I think it turned out pretty sweet Mandy :)Maybe a little mousse before the braids would leave it less "poodle"y?

  2. Just found your blog through lynne's Facebook and your 30 for 30 challenge is such a good idea! Love it,

  3. You know, I did the same thing with my hair the other day but the wave didn't stick. In regard to the whole genetics thing- I totally agree. Boo! Love the last photo, btw! :)

  4. Florence is gorgeous! I like how you styled your hair like hers. I might have to try it. Somehow my eyes make me look drunk in about half of the pictures I take. I have to remember to "smile with my eyes."