Number 11

Dress: Tucker for Target, Belt: Marshall's, Shoes: Target
How's everyone doing with their challenge? In just a few days I will have worn every item out of the thirty at least once and then the real science begins. Science? Yes, I really do believe there is a science behind dressing and it's one of the original reasons I started this blog. Life is a multiple of factors (name plug) and figuring out what to wear to accomodate various situations can be a huge challenge. For example, when I wake up and it's raining I need to figure out how hard, whether or not it's warm rain or cold rain, what (if any) meetings I have to attend and what I want to pack for lunch ALL before I can even think of what to put on. More often, it's just a trial and error process: I think, "I want to wear my brown wedges," but then I realize that it's raining too hard to ride my scooter so walking to work is in order and my brown wedges are really heavy and I'm already bringing a can of soup and a grapefruit, so I opt for carrying along a lighter pair of shoes. I would say that in this way, my outfits usually start from the bottom. Once I have the shoes figured out I can figure out legwear/dresses.
What about everyone else? What item of clothing/accessory do you build your outfits around?


  1. Anonymous11/18/2010

    :) cute

  2. I am having serious dress envy right now.
    I just started my 30 for 30 yesterday, but I still haven't gotten anything posted. I'm hoping to get some posts done over the weekend, but for now I've been enjoying following the outfits of a few fellow remixers.
    I start my outfits thinking about the weather and what I have to do that day. If I have a meeting I sometimes need to be more dressed up than a usual day in the life of a student, and on Sunday for church I often opt to wear a skirt or dress. It rains a lot here in Waterloo, so days that it's raining and I have class I'm forced to wear my rain boots to prevent the unhappiness of wet feet. Once it's cold enough that the rain becomes snow I'm less influenced by the weather, as I can tramp through the snow in just about any footwear as long as I stick to pathways. The temperature also plays a role, as being outside in a dress in January is a poor decision. Pants are easier, because I can layer a pair of long johns underneath to make sure I don't freeze!

  3. Anonymous11/18/2010

    i LOVE this dress. and you've styled it beautifully with your choice of belt and shoes.

  4. 9 out of 10 times I'm thinking about what I'm going to wear while I'm in the shower for some reason. The worst is when I pick out an outfit and go to find it and I can't! Changing one thing about that perfect outfit usually changes the whole outfit! Which makes me later than I already was... I don't have one thing that I will build my outfit around since I never know what I will find in my un-organized closet!

  5. *super squeal* i love those shoes! the colour of that dress goes so well with your complexion, it's gorgeous.

    i'm also close to having everything worn - i think by saturday i'll have one top 'left' ... can i admit that i'm scared? srsly scared? i am

  6. I'm an Elisabeth remixer as well! And I also happened to wear a Tucker for Target dress this week. I LOVE this one on you and it makes me wish I had chosen this over the one I got. Oh well. Happy remixing!

  7. Last pic is my favorite! The color of the dress makes your eyes look super blue

  8. Saw this on the 30x30 flickr group and had to come on over! I absolutely love this mix... Cannot believe how perfect those tights go with this dress. Gorgeous, lady! :)