Number 9

Tonight I had to work a reception and fortunately I included a dress nice enough for it in my 30 items. I love this dress; it's so simple and bold at the same time.

Heather was nice enough to take my pictures again today and her cat Mango wandered into one of them. Say hi to Mango:

I can't believe that after tomorrow I'll be a third of the way through this challenge. I've been internet window shopping and have come up with some ideas for Christmas presents (things I want, not things I want to give, ha) and I'll probably post some of them later this week (mom). What about you other 30 for 30ers? Is there something that you've been tempted to buy?


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  2. This dress is gorgeous! I'm so glad you included it in your 30.

  3. I LOVE THIS DRESS! it is perfect for a bold comfy look. add some bright tights and heels and pull off a completely different look ... again, i love it!!

  4. I need to borrow that dress....permanently