Number 1

Shirt- Loft, Cardigan- Target, Skirt- Victoria's Secret, Boots- Target.

I'm really excited about these pictures that my best friend Heather took. Aren't they awesome? We both love this over-grown hill that sits by the Belt Line and stumbled upon this rope swing up there today. Though I kind of feel like it's a death trap the way it sits right by a huge drop-off, that didn't stop us from testing it out.

So, I should point out that this skirt had a previous life as a shirt. I found it at Goodwill, hanging out with the other skirts, but on further inspection realized it had a bra-liner and two little loops on either side for a little shirt belt thing (where- if it were a strapless shirt- it would hit my ribs). I decided to help it fulfill it's wish for a new identity- took it home, cut out the bra and am wearing it now as a skirt. We're both pretty happy.

I've already picked out my outfits for the next three days and am looking forward to the extra sleep this will bring me. How's everyone else doing?


  1. Love the pictures. Love the outfit. And love, love, love the fact that you reinvented that shirt into a skirt!

    Green with envy (in a good way ... I look good in green).

  2. Anonymous11/08/2010

    You pretty much crack me up.

  3. Ah, great start! Love the color combo. And a shirt, really??!? That's nuts, because it makes a perfect skirt. :)

  4. the pictures turned out alright! you're making me want to try this 30 day thing...

  5. Very very pretty. :) I am one lucky guy!

  6. i really love your skirt/cardigan combo :)
    here's to more sunny 30 for 30s!

  7. Laura H11/10/2010

    Nice cardi, and great pictures - my computer wont let me look at "number 2" - its making me really want to see it now!

  8. Where were these pictures taken?

  9. They were taken on the beltline. Right across from the barking hound there is a big cliff and this was on top of it.

    Thanks for all the great comments everyone!

  10. Ooh I did the same cardigan on Day 2! I love what you did with it! Wish I had a pretty yellow skirt now :)