Number 5 and an underwater tea party

Cardigan: Ann Taylor, Pants: Old Navy, Scarf: Anthropologie(?), Boots: Target

I'm so ready to remix. Even though I have tons of items I haven't worn yet, I went ahead and wore this cardigan that I also wore 2 days ago here. I love how versatile a simple black cardi is; today I chose to belt it and wear it as a shirt.

Okay, so obviously I'm not underwater here, but this little tea shop is called Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party and I went with the boyfriend here today on my lunch break. This place is so adorable and they have awesome teas and treats. They sell used books for something like 50 cents each and all the proceeds go to help educate women in India. Double yay! Also it's less than a mile from my work so it's an easy stop.

I'm not really sure where this scarf came from that I'm wearing today. I believe they carry the brand at Anthro, but technically I found it in the lost and found at my work (someone lost, i found). I'm such a lost and found thief. One time I accidentally stole my co-workers umbrella- thinking it was left by someone else. Monica- I'll bring it back soon, I swear. Maybe today.


  1. I love the scarf and your pants in the outfit. It really pops! That tea place looks so cozy, I wish there was a place that like where I am! =)

  2. Anonymous11/12/2010

    You must have an amazing photographer!! Nice use of purple!

  3. Anonymous11/12/2010

    I'm totally coveting your haircut! I think by the end of this month i will definitely have bangs.

    as for your outfit? perfection! I LOVE all the layers!

  4. LOL! I had a college roommate who was a total Lost and Found thief. She would raid every bin she found, and swipe anything left in a public space. I used to think it was so odd, but she grabbed some amazing things. - Katy