Number 10

Shirt: Target, Skirt: Gap, Scarf: Old Navy, Shoes: Target

I feel like my self photography skills may be improving a little. Or maybe I just had a lucky day. I get so jealous of all the bloggers out there with photographer boyfriends/husbands. Mine will do it every now and then, but the idea of asking him to help out every day is laughable. We have such busy lives that sometimes we don't even have time to eat together, let alone have an impromptu photo shoot. The times he does take my pictures are somewhat frustrating because we have such different ideas on what makes a good picture. And then he also likes to shoot secret shots of me while I'm talking or making a funny face.

We have all of these awesome "cultural" Christmas trees up at my work and my favorite one was decorated by the Japanese consulate. Here it is:

It has all of these awesome origami birds on it! I love it! And yes, those are dinosaurs in the background. 3 guesses as to where I work.


  1. I am a big fan of this look. Those shoes are super cute and I would love to have a super versatile khaki skirt.

  2. you look great, and your photos do too! I learned all by myself and still do all my own photos. I learned that you should take the photos in the highest resolutions even though it takes up more space on your card.

    I would have never thought of a Christmas tree with paper cranes, its really pretty!

  3. This is one of my favorite outfits thus far. I never seem to find stuff as cute as the stuff you have from Target. Take me shopping!! I didn't know they had Christmas trees from around the world...have to check it out!

  4. Ok, I 100% sympathize with your sentiments on asking the man to take daily photos. Mine will do it on occasion but it seems easier to set up the tripod and snap my own photos- I'll have more to choose from and they'll be composed the way I want them.
    This outfit is so classic and cute, the tights look awesome paired with that top.

  5. Love this look, especially the skirt. And the Japanese tree is my fav too. :)