Number 2

Skirt, t-shirt, shoes: Target. Tights: Old Navy. Jacket: Ross.

I've had kind of a hectic day. My new job started and there was already a large stack of data entry to keep me occupied. That's okay though- sometimes the best way to learn something is to be thrown right into it. Couple that with a scooter that is sitting broken down in a parking lot that I still haven't had time to do anything about, a truck borrowed from a boyfriend that wouldn't go into reverse and a yelling boyfriend who blames his faulty clutch on me. Oh, and a book club meeting in 45 minutes with limited options of how to get there (i can bike or walk, but all motorized vehicles are out of the question). Oh oh, and now I can't get my pictures the right size, but I can't deal with that now. :(

But the up side?? Everyone loves my tights. What more could a girl ask for? That's justification if I've ever seen it.


  1. I love your tights too!! They are such a neat print!
    Hmmm...I think your BF needs to know that yelling doesn't fix anything!

  2. I say screw the environment and buy a car...ps lookin goooood;)

  3. funny - i was thinking i loved those tights as i was reading the post ... still haven't been gutsy enough to go the tights route yet myself ... but watching all of you fellow remixers is making me re-think it.

  4. Everyone should love your tights, as they are fantastic. And heck yeah to the no car decision! I don't have one, either, and I'm happy as can be about it!