Number 21

Shirt & Cardigan: Old Navy, Skirt: NY&Co, Boots & Tights: Target

Windy days make for great facial expressions. Ha. Also, don't ask why a couple of my photos are date stamped with 1/16/2010, I'm working on it; I'm not exactly a technological genius.

I call the place in the photos "the pond of life" because this summer, when we discovered this park, it was full of turtles, frogs and fish. Sadly they're all now in hibernation. I'll shortly follow suit. I broke out the thermal lined curtains and really that's the last step. See you in the spring. Or tomorrow with another outfit.


  1. Outfit: Super cute and warm! Great colors

  2. Ooh I really love this outfit, put together, comfy, warm. I love it. Also that cardigan is awesome!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  3. I really like this entire outfit especially the scarf and the cardigan. I need more patterned scarfs.

  4. Well do you have the best striped sweaters or what?! Love this outfit and the one before it - such great color combos!! :)

  5. Love the stripe and floral mixing!