tuck everlasting

blazer: gap, shirt: forever 21, pants: old navy, boots: target

Outfit #3 of 30.  It's another inside outfit photo, people.  It's raining.  It's cold.  I'm a wimp.  Mr. PBR is out of town (or is he?? my mom told me to stop posting this on my blog just in case some of my readers are weirdos).  Dear weirdos- I have a mean attack dog and a tazer.  And I promise you'd want to return me within minutes of kidnapping me as I'm very lazy, needy and manipulative.  As an example, I convinced Mr. PBR that he needed to buy me a 12 pack of Diet Cherry Coke and a Lucky magazine the other day after I hit my own head on the dryer door.  I managed to make that HIS fault.  I can deflect blame in any situation really.  Also, dear weirdos, feel free to leave me some comments so I know who you are.  Just in case.

Today I decided to tuck my shirt into my pants.  I'm a frequent skirt-shirt tucker-inner, but rarely do I tuck anything into pants.  I'm really not sure why that is... but anyway, it may open up a world of new wardrobe opportunities.  Here's hoping.


  1. Oh, your mom and my mom have similar worries! :) I think you look very sleek.

  2. Haha, you're hilarious. I do the EXACT SAME THING.

    I'm totally new to pant-tucker, (and skirt tucker, too) but I'm really starting to love it and find that I want to tuck EVERYTHING in these days. I get mad when a shirt is too short or pants too low to tuck. That's the worst!

  3. I love this shirt! You have great style, I've gotta check back as we go through this 30 for 30! :)