Boys don't make passes

blazer: gap, dress: lands' end canvas, boots: target, glasses: zenni optical

I've had glasses since around age 9 and I absolutely hate wearing them. People can tell me they're cute over and over again, but I still see myself as a 50 year old when I have them on.  I tried contacts once, but I'm equally turned off by the idea of sticking something in my eye.  Yuck.  So I wear my glasses to watch t.v. or to drive (and when I was younger if a cute boy pulled up next to me I'd quickly take them off- surprisingly I never crashed doing so).  I buy my glasses at Zenni Optical because they're around 8 a pair (including my prescription!!) so I can buy lots of different colors and shapes in hopes of finding that one perfect pair that I love... not yet.  I've always found it fascinating that people who don't have to wear glasses want to.  I'll trade eyesight with you anytime, girls.  Just name the day.  

On another note, I'm going to the courthouse this Friday to get married and will be wearing a strapless dress.  I realized today that I'm as white as a sheet of paper so I went to the tanning bed.  The idea of the tanning bed really weirds me out, as do the leathery looking girls who work there.  And now I swear my skin smells like burnt meat and I think I might vomit.  Vomit, eyeballs and burnt skin?  This is my most pleasant blog post to date, I'm pretty sure.


  1. Melissa Moore2/21/2011

    Congrats on getting married!! My dress was strapless too and I had awful tan lines, I refused to go to the tanning bed so I tried sunless tanner. Only use a little bit and get some that matches your skin and you'll be fine! Also, I'm loving all your outfits! I start my new (first real big girl salary and benefits) job on Monday and am trying and failing at finding cute work clothes!! Any ideas? We don't have the typical chain stores like loft here

  2. you said the $8 for Zenni optical also included the prescription? Do they do prescriptions?!! What do you mean by that? If I can get a cheaply done prescription to that'd be AMAZING :)

    I could use some new eyeware. That's what my bday gift (of money) will go toward from my parents. A friend also referred me to Zenni optical. My first goal is to get contacts, cus I'm in my sis's wedding, and I DONT" want to wear glasses :P Then maybe I'd get a prescription for glasses and get a number of pairs :) Yeah for getting married! Are you goin' to have a BIG wedding later? That's what my sis is doing. Big wedding later.

    And, cute outfit.

  3. Aww, I think those frames are really cute! But I've been wearing glasses for like, 18 years, so I know how you feel when you say you feel like a 50-year-old. It's sometimes just hard to feel young and cool and chic with big ol' plastic covering half your face! Congrats on your wedding too!! How exciting!

  4. congrats on the wedding! be sure to post some pictures!!

  5. I love this outfit! it's so preppy and awesome. :)

    I totally bought a tanning package right before I got married (3 years ago) because I was so pale, but then I burnt the second time I went, and had a package of like 15 sessions or something crazy like that. I still have a couple left, I think. I hate the smell of those places! :(

  6. Love the glasses! You must put up some more photos with them 8-)