Rainy Day Woman (#4)

cardigan: ann taylor, shirt and skirt: loft, shoes, tights, umbrella: target

It's official.  It. is. never. going. to. stop. raining.  Grab 2 of everything and meet me in the arc.  How is it where you are?  Raining? Snowing?  How does the weather effect your wardrobe?  I drove to work today and spent most of my time behind a desk, so the weather had little to do with my choice in clothing, but on days when I have to walk to work, my outfits have to be built around 1. my rainboots and 2. what I can carry in my bag that won't get wrinkled.  I can try to stay dry on my walk in, but it's always the days I'm dressed nicest that a semi barrels through a puddle right by me.  For that purpose, I always keep a change of clothes and shoes at work as well. 

You can't tell from this picture, but those white specks on my skirt are actually bits of metallic thread so I'm very sparkly today.  I always feel a bit weird wearing sparkly stuff not in the two weeks that surround Christmas/New Year's, but I'm trying to make the most of this purchase. 

Ok everyone: stay dry (or unfrozen).  Let's all hope for nice weather tomorrow. 


  1. cute :) I like that you're gettin' your picture taken outside with your umbrella!

  2. hi from prague, I am also remixing, you can have look.
    Anyway I also like your blog!so I am following;)

  3. Anonymous2/06/2011

    Now THAT's an umbrella!

  4. I know, right? It's huge! Ha.

  5. Anonymous2/06/2011

    I love when classic pieces have a extra bonus like sparkle! Great outfit! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  6. i think umbrellas are going to be BIGGER than ever this spring.... and they are going to be making their own fashion statement! Great pics!