The 12th day of remix

shirt: ralph lauren, shorts: h&m, shoes: anne klein, tie: stepdad's closet

It should come as no surprise that when I was growing up I was extremely envious of kids who went to private school.  In 7th grade, I decided to start wearing a "uniform" to school.  I wore a plaid pleated skirt, oxfords and a button down shirt just enough times for the other kids to completely humiliate me.  In 8th grade when I went to high school, the "grunge" era was just beginning and I still had a lot of my prep sensibilities that invited even more ridicule from my peers.  But I have to point out, to all those kids that made fun of me who I'm sure are not among my readers, that my style of choice back then is still here and relevant and I still love it.  I hope you're not still wearing your Nirvana t-shirts and smoking pot in your parents' basement.  Or maybe I hope you are.  :)  That would be enough justice for me.

For Christmas, my grandma would let me pick toys or clothing, when I got older, out of the Sear's catalog (classy, right?) and the catalog had a whole section of private school clothes- plaid skirts, blazers, jumpers, cardigans.  That's where I headed first, envisioning my life as a rich kid at a prestigious school (even though those kids would have never shopped from the private school section of the Sear's catalog!).  I love that even though I've changed a lot over the past 15 or so years, I can still identify with some part of the young me and that the young me made choices and had tastes that are still with me now.  So here's to you, young me:  I think you're pretty cool, despite what you're classmates might be saying.


  1. way to rock a tie! and with winter shorts? even better!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that look! Preppy and menswear? Looooves it!

  3. I love this prep school look. I have always always wanted a navy blazer with red trim (a la the boy's group on Glee!).

    PS: I finally got around to posting my seven things! Thanks for tagging me! http://daniellesotherblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/seven-things.html

  4. Go young you! My younger self did a little jump for joy when I started sporting the low side-pony! hahah- now I'm just waiting for high pig-tails to come back in fashion. lol!

  5. Anonymous2/17/2011

    This outfit looks so cute on you! I love how women are rocking ties more now, the best accessories to borrow from the boys!