good day, sunshine.

blazer: gap, shirt: loft, shorts: h&m, shoes: ann klein (salvaged and swapped)

Thank goodness the sun finally came out today.  My little dog and I were going stir crazy- neither one of us had a proper walk in days.  So we got up early this morning and went on a 4 mile run and it was wonderful.  I spent the rest of the afternoon searching for silver shoes to go with my wedding dress.  Did you know that there is no such thing as a cute silver shoe?  This is the only one I can find that I like:
But I can only find it online and not in a store to actually look at it.  So I might have to just buy it and hope for the best and should the worst arrive, mail it back.  (That shoe is made by Nine West if you're wondering).

My tights today are green-way more green than these pictures make them out to be.  I call them my Peter Pan tights cause, well you know.  Ha.  And speaking of tights- does it make anyone else mad that Target discontinues certain colors ALL THE TIME???  You have to be prepared for this.  DO NOT fall in love with your Target tights because when you're ready for a replacement they won't be there.  (is it obvious that this recently occurred to me?)

Happy Superbowl everyone.  I hope that you're eating lots of chips and dip and that, unlike me, you actually like football. 

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  1. Anonymous2/06/2011

    I always admire people who rock the shorts and tights look. You look so cute!

    ps. If you want tights you can replace definitely check out Kohl's! ;)

  2. The Never Fairy2/07/2011

    Peter Pan didn't really wear tights, though ;)
    That's just Disney and some stage versions.

    More Pan to love:
    A story based on Barrie’s own idea for more:
    And a great 'What if?' adventure (but it's not for the kids!): Click!

  3. I have to add that Kohl's is without a doubt a great place to shop and it's right up there (if not better) than Target for awesome pricing! I always find awesome deals at Kohl's and they recently added Vera Wang so....there you go... more info than you really wanted...but had to add to Mrs J's post!

  4. This is such a chic look. I absolutely love it you look awesome. Those shorts are perfect.


  5. I have that blazer in my 30 for 30 too - I may even be wearing it today, but I love how you paired it with the high waisted shorts and tights! Looks great!

  6. This is most definitely one of my favorite blazer styles so far! Love the dressy casual...flawlessly done!

  7. Can you buy a cute white shoe and have it dyed? I think that's what my sister did.
    I saw that blazer and loved it. But didn't buy it. I'm glad you are wearing it so well that I am jealous all over again.
    Thanks for posting to EBEW!
    The Auspicious Life

  8. i love love love this outfit! it just works so well. i am a huge fan of tights with shorts. and that necklace is fabulous too! p.s. i had the same problem with my wedding shoes (except i was looking for a gold pair)! i ended up just buying them online. luckily they worked!

  9. I saw you on Everybody, Everywhere and absolutely loved this outfit! I'm wearing shorts and tights with my blazer, too. It's probably one of my all-time favorite combinations!

  10. This outfit is very cute. I'm always scared to wear green tights in fear of looking like an elf....but they look great on everyone else...and you definitely don't look like an elf...so maybe I need to suck it up!

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  11. FANTASTIC neutrals mash-up...totally a favorite look of mine right now. And I love the blazer with the tailored shorts!

  12. I have that same navy gap blazer {although not in my 30 for 30}. I'll be filing this in my memory to copy once the challenge wraps up. Very chic!

  13. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the blog love and I'm loving everybody everywear (the site that is, wow- that makes me sound like a free loving hippie.)

  14. love this outfit, thanks for the tights warning.

  15. Super cute winter shorts looks. And yay for EliSabeth's.

  16. a high-waisted short? yes please! love this paired with the blazer, and the green tights, and just, well, everything!

  17. You could not be more adorable. I love your hair and this entire outfit!