Clothes for Crafting?

jacket: ross, shirt: loft, pants and scarf: old navy, boots: target

It's another off day, aka wedding planning day.  My one trip out of the house was to the craft store where I spent way more money than I should have.  The rest of my day was spent gluing together invitations and cutting paper hearts to attach to ribbon.  Fortunately, there's an America's Next Top Model marathon on to keep me entertained while crafting. 

So I didn't really include enough casual clothing in my 30 pieces.  Normally I'd be wearing a hoodie and jeans on a day off, but it didn't make sense to include that type of stuff as I can't wear it to work and it's certainly nothing you'd want to see pictures of.  How does everyone else handle this issue?  Do you take your weekends off from the challenge?  I'd love to hear your feedback! 


  1. I know! I didn't include any casual clothes either so I just skipped a photo on the day where I lounged around at home.. because I obviously wasn't wearing 30x30 clothes. On the days that I did have to leave the house, I just picked the most comfortable items out of my 30!

    That scarf is from Old Navy? NO WAY. It's super cute! :)

    Good luck wedding planning!

  2. I absolutely do take weekends off... I know that sort of seems like cheating but I honestly don't wear anything exciting most weekends as I like to spend my days relaxing around my apartment. :) If I do go out and do something, I stick to my 30 items. I mainly do this because it's really too hard to include casual AND work appropriate clothing in the 30 pieces and make it work, ya know what I mean?

    Love this scarf!