Your outerwear is showing...

jacket: vertigo, cardi and boots: target, shirt: ann taylor, pants: old navy

Because here in Atlanta we went from 30 degree weather to 70 degree weather almost overnight, I thought we had completely missed trench coat weather.  But today it arrived.  A day too chilly to go coatless, but one in which you feel ridiculously over-prepared in your winter wear.  Trench coat weather.  I love this coat because from far away it just looks like a cool graphic pattern, but a closer look reveals HORSES!!  What girl doesn't love horses??  And what a perfect coat for a semi-cold boring day: while you keep warm you can name your horses or count them or give them all a little kiss.  This is why crazy people shouldn't wear clothing with animals on it....

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  1. that coat is amazing! i didn't even notice the horses til you pointed it out. love it!