How to make a marriage last

shirt: ralph lauren, jeans and boots: target

As you can see, we still haven't cleaned up the mess left over from the wedding.  That's how you make a marriage last a lifetime; you never clean up after it.  Who needs pictures?

Actually, speaking of weddings, we have our family reception in just a few weeks now and I've been going crazy getting stuff together for it.  Tonight I paired 80 dessert plates with 80 saucers- all with mismatched patterns.  But they can't be completely mismatched, they have to still coordinate (it's like wearing stripes with florals- it can work if you have some uniting detail).  So now that I have the plates for every table, I have to throw the teacups into the mix.  Let me just say that there is not enough room in the world for me to do this in an organized manner.  People may just have to deal with the fact that their teacup doesn't match their saucer.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist though, so I'll probably die trying to have everything coordinate.

I said yesterday that I was going to try to finish my 30 for 30 by Tuesday.  I don't think that's going to happen after all.  I never changed into my second outfit for today and, unless you count my pajamas, I don't plan on changing into anything else between now and bedtime.  And tomorrow I'll be at work from 9a.m. till 9p.m.  My co-workers already think I'm strange enough; they don't need me to change outfits mid-day with no apparent reason.  So cheating is my only option to participate in Everybody Everywhere this week.  Arrest me.  :)

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  1. love this look! and your hair! love the bangs! i've been growing my bangs you just made me want to cut them again. following you now.
    xoxo, ayan