3 easy pieces.

cardigan: old navy, skirt: lands' end canvas, shoes: nine west
Today's outfit photos are nothing short of amazing.  No, I'm not being an ego-maniac, I mean that it's amazing that I even bothered to take outfit photos and that I stayed composed long enough to do so.  Today's outfit, though I've never worn this particular combination before, is an old standby.  Cardigan, cami, skirt.  One thing I've learned from these wardrobe challenges is that you have to have enough basics to throw together an outfit without thinking about it.  No one said "cute outfit" today, but I'm just happy they didn't send me home from work to put on something more appropriate (this has never happened at work, but it did occur once or twice in school).  Speaking of inappropriate, yes those are my legs and yes they may have blinded one or two people who stared directly at them today.  Clearly that week long package I bought at the tanning bed did little more than make me think my flesh was melting.  Maybe I should have gone more than twice.  

Do you guys see all my wedding decorations in the background?  I think I  might just leave them up permanently.  We'll see how my husband feels about hearts, ribbon and lace decor.  This will be the true test of marriage.

I still don't know what outfit number I'm on....  I would count, but it's almost time for American Idol.  Ha.

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