Sweet Valley Life

blazer: gap, shirt and skirt: loft, belt: target, shoes: nine west

I'm wearing so much pink and purple that I half expected an invitation to join the Unicorn Club in  my locker today (okay, office mailbox, we all know I'm too old for a locker).  This joke will be lost on those of you who never read the Sweet Valley Twins books, but for those of you in the know, you'll have to agree that Jessica Wakefield would've been bffs with a girl in my outfit.  Looking at all this pink and purple in the mirror today made me realize it was missing something:  a little piece of Elizabeth Wakefield.  So I threw the blazer on top to show my true nerdiness.  And then I got to thinking.  Were Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield symbolic of the duality of feminism?  Did they represent the idea that girls are perceived as either smart of beautiful and rarely both?  Was my 7th grade teacher wrong in not letting me do a book report on a Sweet Valley High book?  Maybe I could have exposed some sort of cosmic genius behind the series....  And finally, how does someone as busy as me have all this time to think about the freaking Sweet Valley twins? Ha.

This outfit is for you, Wakefield twins.


  1. I loved the Sweet Valley High books! I had the whole series lined up on my princess furniture bookshelf when I was a youngster. And I think both of the Wakefield twins would love your generous use of pink and purple.
    BTW, I've read recently that Jessica and Elizabeth are now described as the "perfect size 4" when back when I read them they were the "perfect size 6". Interesting, huh?

  2. Where do you get all these awesome belts? I'm so belt-less. And I never find anything so cute when I'm shopping.
    And, to comment on the last comment on changing the size of the twins--that's just sad :(

  3. I love this whole outfit. You look awesome. :)