Speed dressing

shirt, shoes, belt: target, skirt: loft, jacket: ross

For the second time in this 30 day challenge, I cheated.  I went shopping (gasp).  But technically, I had a gift card so does that really count as rule breaking?  I bought this awesome pink belt at Target.  I tried to stay within the rules a little and at least I didn't get another piece to add into the 30.  I felt less guilty about an accessory.  A free accessory, people.  Don't judge.  I wandered around in Target though for about an hour picking up things and putting them back down.  I knew I was only going to buy this belt though.

So I've been looking around out there at other 30 for 30 bloggers and I'm really far behind.  Damn wedding.  Ha.  In order to catch up I'm doing a bit of double duty.  When I got home today from work, I changed clothes.  I'm not planning on really going anywhere, but I promise to watch t.v. in this:

Trade a skirt for jeans and a jacket for a loose cardigan and go from work to weekend.  And from outfit 25 to 26.  I'll be honest, the real reason I'm in a rush to finish is because on Tuesday, the girls at Everybody Everywear are doing a polka-dot challenge that I really want to take part in,  but I don't have any polka-dots in my 30 items.  I've done the math: I have to wear 2 outfits tomorrow and 2 outfits on Monday to catch up.  I may end up cheating again.  Third times a charm! 

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  1. If you close your eyes when you pay for it then it's not cheating (totally logical). :)
    I recently bought a pink belt and have yet to wear it. I like how you wore it with the striped shirt and tweed skirt and jacket. I may have to imitate!