Yes! Paris.

Guess what? I am technically done with my 30 days as of yesterday, just still behind in my posts.  I have no money though so I'm not rushing out to Target or anything.  My birthday is on Monday and I'm hoping the birthday fairy finds my mailbox by then and I can afford my upcoming shopping trip.  (I just found out that my mom is actually the running shoe fairy when she told me she would treat me at the Nike outlet this weekend).

The shorts in this post are my absolute favorites.  So much so that I'm sure all my friends are really sick of seeing them.  I haven't been posting much of my casual/weekend outfits this time around.  I try to stick within my 30 pieces (though sometimes I have to wear athletic shoes) and it ends up being these shorts and one of the few t-shirts (like this one) I included.  I will never retire these shorts though.  They are the most comfortable things I own!

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