It's the humidity

Thanks to the wonderful humidity here in Georgia, occasionally I get really BIG hair.  And when I get big hair I like to wear things with poofy shoulders so I don't look like a shaved poodle or something. 

I'm 2 outfits behind somehow.  What I mean is that I have the pictures all ready, but no posts to go along with them.  This photo was actually from two days ago (so if you saw me on the street today, no, I'm not cheating, you'll see photos of this outfit on Monday- assuming I don't slack off between now and then.)  I still have a shirt and a pair of shorts (is that all?) that haven't made it into my mix and with only 3 outfits left to go- and not much desire to wear said shorts and shirt- you may not see them.  I'm sure you're crying about it now.  It's okay, really. 

Do you ever get the desire to just throw out all of your clothing and start from scratch?  If I had $3,000 to spare I might just do that after this challenge is over.  I'm so sick of it all!

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