double trouble

So, here are my 2 final outfits for the 30 for 30 challenge.  I'm so happy to be done!  One thing this time around has taught me is that no matter how much I want to blog,  real life priorities/desires frequently get in the way.  Part of me wanted to be completely dedicated to this challenge, but other parts of me were more excited about running, books and planning my vacations.  I'd like to try to incorporate some of that other "stuff" into future posts.  I feel a little one-dimensional on here and, after all, the title of this blog IS Multiple Factors.  :)

Happy shopping, everyone!


  1. Yes, life does tend to get in the way of blogging...especially when you really want to be writing and posting. I've had to really become more disciplined when it comes to writing this summer.

    I may be late to your 30 for 30 challenge, but I definitely enjoyed your outfits. Looking forward to seeing some posts on 'Multiple Factors.'

  2. thanks, Jenna! Enjoying your blog too!