Growing Sprouts

                            What you'll need:                                    


To get started you'll need a jar, some cheese cloth, whatever you want to sprout (lentils, legumes, beans, wheat, etc) and a rubber band.

Step One:
 put seeds/beans in glass jar

Step 2: cut out a piece of cheesecloth and cover jar, using your rubber band to seal it. 

Step 3:
Add water to jar and soak for about 8 hours 

Step 4:
strain water from jar and prop up so the sprouts don't retain excess moisture (this can cause mildewwww)

Step 5:  Rinse your sprouts about every 6-8 hours (or every 4 hours if you're using chic peas- these take forever to sprout so you want to make sure they stay really clean throughout the long process).  After you rinse your sprouts remember to prop up your jar to remove excess moisture!

After 2-3 days, enjoy your sprouts!

tips: a little goes a long way so don't overfill your jar.  start out with a thin layer of seeds/beans.  do research on what you want to sprout- some items take longer than others and you need to be more careful with those to prevent mildew.  If your sprouts smell funky, don't eat them.  duh. :)


  1. Nice. I'm generally not a fan of sprouts but it seems like a fun project anyway. How did you manage to change the water every 6-8 hours? What do you do when you're asleep or working or out? Just curious.

  2. First off, I love the mason jars! They are so cheap and practical...been using them for years. Seems like there's been a big resurgence of using them in restaurants and magazines. Glad to know people are finally catching on. :)

    Second, I've never made my own sprouts before. You make it look so easy. What is your favorite way to eat them/incorporate them in your cooking?

  3. Nice! In response to Jenna's question (not that she's asking me), I put them on salads and sandwiches... they feel so healthy to eat. And if you let them sprout a bit longer they'll grow a cute little green leaf on top!

    I just started growing some yesterday, yummy yum.

    Oh, and I'm glad you found a cuter jar than the one I gave you :)

  4. Beth, I get help from Bean! Jenna, I like them in salads, sandwiches and I'm going to make veggie burgers with them soon. They're a great source of protein! Heather, I needed a bigger jar! They grew too fast!